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Ranier Technology

Ranier Technology is a medical device development company focusing on the commercialisation of its novel Cadisc™ spinal implants for the treatment of degenerative disc disease. The company has developed an enabling polyurethane materials and process technology – Precision Polyurethane Manufacture (PPM) – which allows the manufacture of biocompatible polyurethane implants with graduated modulus (GradMod) properties. Ranier’s GradMod technology ensures that the stresses generated in an implant under loading are distributed throughout the implant and allow the combination of both programmable motion characteristics and exceptional durability to be features of load-bearing, motion-preserving spinal implants.

Ranier has a multi-disciplinary scientific, technical, regulatory and engineering product development group and has also established manufacturing capabilities which are EN 13485 registered. The company has benefited both clinically and scientifically by many collaborations with leading academic institutions and has sponsored many PhD and post-doctoral students at Cambridge University, Nottingham University and other institutions. Ranier’s product design and clinical thrust are shaped and guided by its international Scientific Advisory Board, most members of which are involved, or have been involved, directly in academic collaborations with the company.

Dr Geoffrey Andrews, CEO, notes “Everyone at Ranier is motivated by establishing good quality, science-backed technologies to help people who are suffering in pain; we believe that spinal implants derived from our PPM, Cadisc™ and GradMod technologies will allow clinicians to achieve a better, long-term quality of life for their patients”.

Dr. Wohns is on the Scientific Advisory Board of Ranier Technology.