Dr. Wohns founded NeoSpine, LLC in 2001 with $20 million of venture capital in order to develop a national network of outpatient spine surgery centers. Symbion, Inc. acquired NeoSpine in 2008, and Dr. Wohns serves as chief consultant to Symbion for outpatient spine surgery center development.

NeoSpine partners with neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons to develop and manage outpatient spine surgery, interventional pain care and orthopedic spine facilities. In the evolving world of healthcare, neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons are constantly faced with the challenge of providing the most advanced, highest quality care for their patients. Therefore, it is helpful to have a partner with the expertise to offer innovative solutions that best meet the needs of both surgeons and patients.

NeoSpine ensures that every facility we develop offers patients a safe and comfortable environment in which they can relax and focus on their treatment and subsequent recovery. At the same time, our physician partners enjoy the benefit of knowing that their patients are receiving the best possible care that is completely within their control. Partnering with NeoSpine results in greater personal and professional satisfaction by giving surgeons the resources to take control of their future. Because we were founded by neurosurgeons, we have a comprehensive understanding of the clinical aspects associated with treating their patients.

NeoSpine is comprised of a seasoned team of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and expertise that ranges from the initial development of physician and hospital joint ventures to daily management of high quality healthcare facilities. In cooperation with our physician partners, we develop and manage ancillary services that are tailored to the needs of the local community and the physicians' practices. As a result, patients receive unsurpassed care and superior results while physicians are recognized as a leader and innovator of health care in their community.

When coupled with the clinical expertise of respected spine surgeons, NeoSpine's business acumen is creating a paradigm shift in the practice of spinal care. NeoSpine offers spine surgeons an innovative way to conduct outpatient spine surgery, changing the way you traditionally practice medicine for the better. With new surgical technology and advances in anesthesia, spine surgeons are able to perform cervical and lumbar disc surgeries in an outpatient environment.

Due to today's harsh reimbursement environment, spine surgeons are facing increasing challenges in retaining their practice income. By partnering with NeoSpine, your practice income will increase and your quality of life will improve. Unlike a traditional hospital setting, a NeoSpine ASC gives physicians the ability to control every aspect of their practice. In addition, a new stream of revenue will be introduced into your practice without doing any additional work. Our desire is to partner with the best spine surgeons to create the most pre-eminent practice-based outpatient spine surgery centers nationwide. Become a part of this pioneering community of spine surgeons that has found a better way to practice spine care. It could be the most important decision you ever make for your practice.